SIFA presents filmic documentation of three SIFA 2022 Creations, through the lens of local filmmaker Tang Kang Sheng. SIFA On Demand blends the arc of the performance with key moments from each work, selected interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. 

Our festival commission film Delicate Spells of Mind will also be available on SIFA on Demand.

$15 per show | $25 for bundle of 4

MEPAAN, Ceremonial Enactments & Bangsawan Gemala Malam recordings will be screening from 20 Jun – 10 Jul.

Delicate Spells of Mind’s screening is from 20 May – 10 Jul.


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Delicate Spells of Mind

Raw and ambitious, Delicate Spells of Mind is an intriguing performance film by Lucy McRae that dissects the operating system of the mind – where a Seeker contends with ego, the inherited artificial intelligence.

20 May – 10 Jul, Daily

A magnificent performance evoking the sublime rituals of Southeast Asia and its native people.

20 – 22 May, Fri – Sun, 8pm
Ceremonial Enactments

Three Singaporean companies imagine a resplendent tapestry of local customary rituals.

21 – 22 May, Sat – Sun, 7.30pm
Bangsawan Gemala Malam

This original remake of Midsummer Night’s Dream is inspired by the splendour of Bangsawan opera and Nusantara

2 – 4 Jun, Thu - Fri, 8pm | Sat, 2pm & 8pm