Vince Fraser

About Artist


Vince’ Fraser is a New Breed of Artist in the Digital Age, combining a variety of skills including Film and Motion. With a keen eye for detail he is always experimenting in a playful way whilst pushing the boundaries from a visual aspect. Bridging the gap between Fantasy and Reality, Vince’s mission is to inspire, educate and empower positive images of the African diaspora. Having worked in the creative industry as a professional digital illustrator for over twenty years, the progression to Visual Arts was a natural one. His work has been exhibited on enormous scale at prestigious venues such as ARTECHOUSE Miami and W1 Curates on Oxford Street London.



In today's hyper-connected society we are undeniably losing our privacy. We willingly we sacrifice privacy to stay connected to our digital lives. Is being tracked 24hrs a day healthy? What is this doing to our collective mindset? Do we value privacy or take it for granted? What is going to happen in the future?



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