The Tuyang Initiative


The Tuyang Initiative (or Tuyang) is an accredited social enterprise based in Miri, Sarawak (Borneo, Malaysia). The community-led arts management company was founded in 2017 with a social mission to connect the indigenous communities and its cultural guardians to the creative economy through the arts.

Tuyang believes that through upskilling and building direct industry connections, Borneo’s cultural practitioners stand to gain meaningful livelihood and contribute directly to their cultural continuity.

In 2019, Tuyang, in collaboration with Damansara Performing Arts Centre, proudly staged its first major theatre-style work Kelunan, a multi-disciplinary performance by cross-generational practitioners from the Kenyah and Kayan communities, led by Malaysia’s Living National Heritage and Sape master, Mathew Ngau Jau.

Tuyang has collaborated with various organisations to achieve its mission. such as the British Council, Cultural Economy Development Agency (CENDANA) Malaysia, Education New Zealand, Australian composer Corrina Bonshek and more to produce a range of work varying from musical installation performances (Song To The Earthfeaturing Kayan Parap), to training of indigenous crafters in design and business acumen (Craft Toolkit, British Council), filmed cultural showcase (Panggung Rakyat: The Sound of Borneo, CENDANA) and more.

Tuyang is also the winner of The Star Golden Heart Award (2018).

20 – 22 May, Fri – Sun, 8pm