About Artist


SUKKI, best known as Singapore’s burlesque Queen “Sukki Singapora,” is the Creative Director of CHILDREN OF VENUS, an immersive experience spanning two evenings of LOVE DIVINE, a SIFA X performance spectacle for The Singapore International Festival of Arts. Widely known for being the mother of modern burlesque in Singapore, SUKKI’s new position as Creative Director is an impressive evolution from the rainbow-haired character the public became familiar with on Netflix’s television series, Singapore Social. Since her role on Netflix, the past two years have seen SUKKI grow in influence as a creative force with her most recent project directing a social media commercial for Glenfiddich and American Vogue, and as a continued campaigner for women's rights and passionate advocate for inclusive representation of women, especially women of colour, in film, television and the Arts. As Creative Director, SUKKI promises to lend her voice to local artists, and to amplify the stories of the underground figures of Singapore on an international stage.

Coming up at SIFA

SIFA X: Love Divine

In keeping with SIFA X's programming strand of wilder offerings, SUKKI (Sukki Singapora) curates a series of short vaudeville and burlesque acts by emerging and established performers in Singapore. Sukki may or may not be performing.


SIFA X: Love Divine

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