Safuan Johari

Music Director

Safuan Johari is a Singaporean sound designer and music producer. In the realm of sound design, he has worked on various multimedia art installations and performance productions. He has also composed and produced music for theatre, dance and film. Safuan is constantly reimagining the spectres of the cultural past through digital and technological lenses.  Safuan first scored an audio-visual piece more than a decade ago and recently, he has been exploring visualising his own sounds. This called for a dive into the realm of generative art and he has been creating autonomous or predetermined systems to generate sonic compositions that will modulate the motions of a visual form.

Safuan has exhibited and performed in Beijing, Paris, London and New York. In Singapore, he has showcased works for Singapore Night Festival, i-Light Marina Bay, Singapore International Festival of Arts and Singapore Fringe Festival. Safuan is also part of NADA, a visual arts and sound project that summons hauntological soundscapes and seeks lost futures.

2 – 4 Jun, Thu - Fri, 8pm | Sat, 2pm & 8pm