Nur Arianty

About Artist


Nur Arianty, also known as Ari, is a street dancer and producer who creates works across various platforms, both live and digital formats. Ari's movement style is continually developing, with a strong influence in Hip-hop techniques. She is particularly interested in academic works related to the local Hip-hop dance scene. Her focus has been on examining feminism within Hip-hop, and she recently presented her work on Hip-hop Feminism at the Southeast Asian Conference on Education (SEACE) 2023. Currently, she is an Associate Artist for P7:1SMA, a contemporary dance company that emphasizes Malay cultural elements, and also an Associate Producer at Bahri.Co. 


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So, here’s the thing. The robots are coming; indeed, they are already here. With the emergence of generative artificial intelligence that creates text, images and sounds increasingly indistinguishable from that formed by human sensibilities, the meaning of meaning-making is in delicious flux. 


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