Jerome Ng

About Artist


Jerome Ng Xin Hao is an architectural designer and an educator who is an enthusiast in Film, Art & Visual Communication. He has always believed in an interdisciplinary approach to design; developing unique and multifaceted works that span across different scales and fields. He is also a strong believer in the power of story-telling and imagination; creating and speculating on narratives that traverse the realms of Architecture and beyond. Jerome’s works adopt a nuanced approach to speculative architecture, utilizing both digital and analog tools to interrogate urban tectonics and reveal the narrative potential of nascent space while communicating & contributing to the society.


prompt: PLAY

So, here’s the thing. The robots are coming; indeed, they are already here. With the emergence of generative artificial intelligence that creates text, images and sounds increasingly indistinguishable from that formed by human sensibilities, the meaning of meaning-making is in delicious flux. 


prompt: PLAY

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