Babes Conde

Vocal Coach

A double-degree holder of Music (Piano and Music Education), Babes Conde flowed into the mainstream of the Singapore music scene when she moved to Singapore. She has been immersed in theatre and the performing arts, working very closely with Dick Lee in productions like Beauty World, Fried Rice Paradise, Sing to the Dawn and Forbidden City in various capacities as Musical Director, Arranger, Choral Mistress and Pianist.

As a vocal coach, Conde was the Vocal Coach for Singapore Idol 2004 and 2006. As a composer, she has written for Teenage Textbook, My Lonely Tarts, 24 Hours, and godeatgod for which she received the Straits Times Life Theatre Awards 2003.

In 2007, she composed the musical Labor of Love, the May Day musical of NTUC. Conde was commissioned to compose the 1st Bibiks Behind Bars and Bibiks Go Broadway. In 2011, she produced Peranakan 111 to mark the 111th Anniversary of the Peranakan Association. In 2015 Bibiks Behind Bars, Kena Again was restaged at the Victoria Theatre.

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