Adeeb Fazah

About Artist


Adeeb Fazah is a theatre director and drama educator. As Artistic Director of The Second Breakfast Company, he directed works like Family (2016), Performing Malay Sketches (2019), The Singapore Trilogy (2021) and The Essential Playlist (2022). Adeeb has also directed works under Toy Factory, Bhumi Collective, Gateway Theatre, NUS Centre for the Arts, The Arts House and so on. He is one half of Adeeb & Shai, a founding member of Impromptu Meetings, a co-organiser of STRIKE! Theatre Festival and co-founder of In the Round, a network of early-career theatre directors in Singapore. Adeeb also works with young people as a freelance educator for drama-in-curriculum and co-curricular activity programmes in various secondary schools and tertiary institutions. He currently serves as a Committee Member of Singapore Drama Educators Association.


prompt: PLAY

So, here’s the thing. The robots are coming; indeed, they are already here. With the emergence of generative artificial intelligence that creates text, images and sounds increasingly indistinguishable from that formed by human sensibilities, the meaning of meaning-making is in delicious flux. 


prompt: PLAY

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