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Founded in 2014, 99 Art Company aims to create a new Korean dance that connects tradition and modern times with the motto of "dance that resonates with the soul". Collaborative works by 99 Art Company artists and choreographer Jang Hye-rim include "Burnt Offering ver.2-Burning Life", "Burnt Offering", "Breath Swing", "Abyss", "Silence" and "Mark 7:34".

Hope to be a 99 Art Company, like a tree that takes down its roots more firmly as it grows.

About Hyerim Jang

Hyerim Jang is the artistic director of 99 Art Company and a choreographer who tells contemporary stories based on Korean dance. She graduated from Korea National University of Arts, Department of Dance, and in 2014 she founded 99 Art Company for the realization of her own work. In 2015, she was selected as the best choreographer by Critics' Choice and began her full-fledged choreography. Under the motto of "Dance that resonates with the soul" with a theme consciousness of human ontological values, they would like to share energy with the audience through the work of bringing out various stories that exist inside with dance. 

Representative works include "Breath Swing", "Abyss", "Silence", "Mark 7:34", "Burnt Offering" and "Burnt Offering ver.2-Burning Life", and with 99 Art Company, she’s been invited to various festivals such as Critics Choice, Russia Open Look Festival, Italy Opera, Seoul International Performing Arts Festival SPAF, and Changmu International Dance Festival.

Coming up at SIFA


"ABYSS" is an elegy expressing the sorrow of human emotions, consisting of joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure, presented through dance as if it were a song. The choreographer was inspired to create this piece after seeing so many contemporaries who cannot escape from a feeling of emptiness amidst material wealth, making her envision life as a sailing boat floating alone on the open sea.



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