SAtheCollective presents oneirism [ō-nī′rĭz′əm], a chance to access an irregular state of consciousness, in which dreamlike illusions are experienced – all while wide awake. Discover the enchanting duality of oneirism at Ceremony, Goodman Arts Centre, as well as Rituals, Aliwal Arts Centre, this May.
Join us for a journey into the third space at twilight (彼は誰時 "kawatare-doki"), a time in which our reality overlaps with the spirit realm, and encounters with supernatural occurrences become possible - where the transformation and hybridisation of identities and cultures are encouraged and explored, freed from the shackles of hierarchy and the politics of polarity. oneirism Ceremony imbues Goodman Arts Centre with transformative energy and life, inviting creatures of the third realm into our reality for one special, unforgettable experience of merrymaking.
Where has your body been? Where has it walked, what has it touched, what has it experienced? We shed a cumulative of 200 million skin cells everyday, leaving invisible yet tangible footprints of our DNA throughout the material world. These worn clothes and used chairs, carrying trace elements of all the people that have ever inhabited them, is what sets the stage for our twilight festival. oneirism Rituals awakens energy and life in Aliwal Arts Centre by gathering up these forgotten pieces and celebrating the things oft taken for granted.  
A magical sum of two parts, oneirism Ceremony at Goodman Arts Centre and oneirism Rituals at Aliwal Arts Centre is imbued with the richness of contemporary live performance expression, evoking the ceremonies and rituals drawn from Southeast Asian culture, and inspiring us all to rediscover the magic hidden in everyday mundanity.

A production by SAtheCollective, oneirism features Andy Chia as Artistic Director, Producer and Curator with Ashley Chiam as Creative Director. 

SIFA X presents sonic and visual performances by SAtheCollective (SA), Tiramisu, deførmed, NADA, Randolf Arriola, Mohamed Noor, Stylish Nonsense, P7:1SMA, Ezzam Rahman, Andy Yang, Ashley Chiam, Bright Ong, and Under The Bridge Collective with Sufri Juwahir.
Event Date
21 – 28 May | Goodman Arts Centre
27 May – 4 Jun | Aliwal Arts Centre
Ticket Price



As seats are limited, audience members are required to pay a $10 refundable deposit to secure the seats. Refundable deposit will be refunded upon entry. In the event of no-show, the deposit will be forfeited.

Audience members are advised to be seated 15 minutes before the programme begins. Unclaimed seats will be given to walk-in patrons.


oneirism Ceremony
Rating: Advisory (Some Mature Content and Coarse Language)

oneirism Rituals
Rating: General


oneirism Ceremony @ Goodman Arts Centre - Blk B
21 May 2022, Saturday
*7.30pm – 10pm
28 May 2022, Saturday
*7.31pm – 10.01pm
Free Jam
Free Jam
22 – 27 May 2022, Sunday – Friday
11am – 7pm daily
Exhibition: Yellow Box (by Ashley Chiam)
Music by Vick Low

Free admission
oneirism Rituals @ Aliwal Arts Centre - Multi-purpose Hall
27 May 2022, Friday
*7.31pm – 9.01pm
4 Jun 2022, Saturday
*7.32pm – 9.02pm
Opening Performance:
by Andy Chia, Andy Yang & Ezzam Rahman

Free admission
Closing Performance:
by Andy Chia, Andy Yang & Ezzam Rahman

Free admission
28 May – 3 Jun 2022, Saturday – Friday
12pm – 8pm daily
Exhibition: Rituals (by Andy Chia, Andy Yang & Ezzam Rahman)

Free admission
*The start times for all performances at Goodman and Aliwal Arts Centres will vary from day to day to observe civil twilight timings.