Cirque Rouages (France)

Event has ended

  • 27 - 29 Apr
    Fri - Sun
    Fri, 7.30pm & 9.30pm
    Sat & Sun, 7pm & 9.30pm
  • Empress Lawn
  • (50m, no intermission)


    Performed in English and French 




Cirque Rouages (France)

An enchanting French evening of aerial circus performed to live music.

Every stormy evening, an old man, exiled for a long time, approaches the sea side. When the wind caresses his skin, he returns into his indelible memories. A daydream of sweet nostalgia, not to ever forget, and continue to live whatever it takes.

…Sodade… is a nostalgic ode to life, a fable of love and loss in the air as told by two musicians playing and singing on a unique circus structure of huge twin wheels, each over two metres in width, between which a 21-metre long tightrope cable is strung.

A captivating French aerial circus that tells of impossible longing and remembering to survive.

Created by Cirque Rouages, a collective based in Lorraine, France that has inspired audiences all over the world with their imaginative sets and performances, …Sodade… celebrated its 100th performance in 2017 and has played in France and abroad, including in Switzerland and South Korea. An enchanting outdoor evening of live music and acrobatics suitable for all ages.

(Photos by E+N)


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