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Sasha Waltz & Hans Peter Kuhn (Germany)


  • 31 May - 01 Jun
    Fri, 8pm
    Sat, 8pm
  • Esplanade Theatre
  • 1h 30m, no intermission

  • Rating: R18 (Nudity)

  • $40*, $60*, $80, $100

    *Limited concessions available for students, NSFs and seniors
    Limited students tickets at $10

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Sasha Waltz & Hans Peter Kuhn (Germany)

Berlin dance-maker Sasha Waltz’s provocative signature work, Körper, investigates the structure of the body against the mortality of human existence.

Since its debut in 2000, Körper has been hailed as one of the most iconic works from Berlin dance-maker Sasha Waltz’s career. Celebrated for her groundbreaking choreography, rich theatricality and technical precision, her company Sasha Waltz & Guests has collaborated with over 300 artists and ensembles on over 80 productions.

Combining dance, body-focused imagery with intimate personal monologues, Körper asks the question: what is the body and how is it constructed?

Together with 12 dancers in Körper, Waltz creates a series of spectacular living tableaux. The dancers are weighed and measured; bodies are stacked akin to human walls; the performers writhe and squirm, celebrating the body in all its stark corporeality.

Drawing unexpected links between the body with architecture, science and history, Waltz’s masterful and incisive analysis of the body makes Körper an intellectual tour-de-force. With the world accelerating into the age of genetic manipulation, Körper’s clinical investigation of the body speaks with extraordinary relevance for our times.

(Photo by Bernd Uhlig)

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