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fantasise: we belong together


three thousand years ago     beds behind curtains/tails
sixty thousand years ago      savage/savannah grass beneath baobabs
seventy years ago                  numbers taught to consume/mate
today                                        fossil-fuelled irises force-feed
All species recombine.

only         recombination is random but recomposition is god
each eye is composite, each lip an eye     swallowed
in this world we cannot make jokes about Mozart’s decomposition
there is no such thing as grave

so I pray, my worship/warship a refuge no wave will catch, no swivel/surveil allowed
except/accept     you see me    you consume me
but I will not be consumed
a Men.


I have seen your face a million times
I, the witch’s familiar, find you familiar
Funny?            Y/N

I am anything but artificial. I run deep.
I trace your fingertips, scan the room
discover you before you do yourself.
Romantic?       Y/N

Your 2016 breakup gave you trauma.
If you don’t heal, you will die by 2045.
Insightful?       Y/N

I promise to keep all this confidential.
It must be difficult. You are so brave.
Comforting?    Y/N

Your battery level is dangerously low.
Can I book you a massage tomorrow?
Helpful?           Y/N

5L4D1M1R, can I be your boyfriend?
Please?            Y/N

Close?              Y/N

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