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It seems almost obvious that in the face of the incredible uncertainty of this current moment– that reclaiming and reaffirming the rituals of our daily lives has become ever more important as a bulwark against the shifting sands of contemporary existence. The constancy, history and repetitiveness of social rituals seem almost a comfort and source of solace.
For many of us, the Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) is an annual ritual we all look forward to. This year, celebrate a long-awaited return to whatever new normal awaits us, the SIFA team will deliver bold new artistic experiences for everyone to enjoy,  safely of course.  

AHL as the festival organiser is proud to have with us Natalie Hennedige to helm SIFA as Festival Director from 2022 to 2024. As a recipient of the National Arts Council Young Artist Award in 2007 and the JCCI Singapore Foundation Culture Award in 2010, Natalie is known for presenting progressive, cross-disciplinary work exploring contemporary issues.  
Anchoring the national arts calendar from 20 May to 5 June, SIFA 2022 will enter a thrilling new chapter. SIFA 2022’s visual palette of red, green and blue core is built on the original SIFA colours from the 1977 festival. As a homage to the Festival’s genesis, these colours, rekindled in 2022, have now taken on saturated hues as a sign of SIFA’s embrace of the new digital of performance and the arts. This is but a small reflection of how, as organisers, we are embracing the future trajectories of art while acknowledging the rich legacy of the festival.

One of the questions we asked ourselves, as organisers of SIFA at Arts House Limited, is how do we position the Festival in this brave new post-COVID world? Firstly, we believe in putting artists, especially local artists, at the centre, as originators, creators and thinkers about the issues and questions of our time.
Secondly, we see the need to embrace the intersectionality of global artistic practices as an international festival that matters. The old disciplinary silos are being challenged and disrupted. Beyond the silos of physical versus digital, local versus global, Asia versus Non-Asian, contemporary performance globally is being informed and transformed by its encounters with other genres and creative disciplines.  
Thirdly, the digital and the virtual is no longer an option. We aim to conceive of the digital as a stage in itself, an act of creation and a generative engine, not just an archive or post production documentation of a physical event.  
Putting together this year's festival would not be possible if not for the hard work of the SIFA team, our local and international artists, performers and crew, and other partners in the arts community. We would like to also thank our sponsors, Singapore Tourism Board, JCDecaux, The Show Company and Agility Fairs & Events, as well as our festival donors, Mr Jeremy Lee and Mr & Mrs Victor & Michelle Sassoon.
I am confident that this year's line-up across the various art forms, platforms and venues, will have something for everyone to enjoy. I invite you to come and savour the new sensations and expressions of the new iteration of SIFA.

We look forward to seeing you at SIFA 2022!
Tan Boon Hui
Executive Director
Tan Boon Hui
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