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Time Between Us (General)

Fernando Rubio, with Oliver Chong

  • 7 Sep, 11 Sep
    10am, 10.30pm
  • Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza
  • $10 (no further discount)

  • 108h durational performance

  • Performed in English
  • Rating: General

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Time Between Us (General)

Fernando Rubio, with Oliver Chong

As part of this durational performance, Chong, the man will be hosting audio and video live streams. The live streams will happen at specific times each day where the man will share his day and thoughts with online viewers. Tune in to the audio and video live streams of Time Between Us! (As part of this performance, the duration of the live streams are decided by the actor. Refer to show schedule for live stream timings) 

Tune in here for video live stream. (Refer to show schedule for live stream timings) 

​Audio Live Stream (Refer to show schedule for live stream timings)

Time Between Us SIFA is on Mixlr

Celebrated Argentine artist Fernando Rubio is a dramatist and a visual artist whose works have been staged across Europe, South America and the United States. For Singapore International Festival of Arts 2016, Rubio creates uniquely Singapore versions of Everything By My Side and Time Between Us, two gripping performance pieces that will have you enjoying new space and time perspectives.

A small house somewhere in the city. Built with wood fragments from other houses that no longer exist. Inside the house, a man resides. 

For 24 hours a day for five days, spectators can visit the man and his house and stay for different situations: a story will be repeated three times a day, and scheduled discussions will take place with experts where spectators can participate in these conversations. Everything happens in the house.

This is Rubio’s Time Between Us, which takes apart a man’s habits and makes a piece out of that. The man decides to leave the place he knows to feel like a stranger and inhabits this solitary time, which is simultaneously shared with others. He makes an aesthetic and unique event out of this moment, looking to experience the absence and the relationship with unknown people, based on the supposition that he can be another person.

Starring the award-winning actor and director Oliver Chong from The Finger Players, Time Between Us is a meditation on aloneness, saying goodbye to what we know and embracing change, in order to recover potent memories. Come into Chong’s new house and be his guest.

Performed in English.

Rating: General

Show Schedule
Audiences can join Chong, the man, freely whenever the house is open (other than ticketed events). To view show schedule, click here.

Ticketed Events
The following events happen at the same time everyday and require a ticket ($10/-) which is available from SISTIC. After purchasing the ticket, registration is required as space is limited. 
Each ticket only entitles the ticket holder to one ticketed event. Please purchase more tickets if you wish to attend more ticketed events. 

5:45pm                Storytelling (Text by Fernando Rubio)

7:00pm                A Conversation with Guest 

8:15pm                Storytelling (Text by Fernando Rubio)

9:45pm                Storytelling (Text by Fernando Rubio)

For assistance with registration and other queries, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Storytelling (Text by Fernando Rubio)
A man decides to abandon his environment to occupy another space, making new relationships with strangers, exploring being someone else. He tells a story reflecting upon the place where he once belonged, the different ways to leave it behind and observe it, the passing of time and events, and the transformations that may be possible. 

Conversation with Guest
Every evening at 7:00pm, a guest is invited to the house to have a conversation with Chong. Guests invivted are experts Chua Beng Huat, Jason Wee, Noorlinah Mohamed, Natalie Hennedige and K. Rajagopal. (Refer to show schedule for details)

About the Guests

7 September, Wednesday, 7:00pm
Chua Beng Huat is a professor of sociology at the National University of Singapore. He has been a close observer and a regular commentator on Singapore society, politics and culture. He has written extensively on urban everyday life in Singapore, including the book, Life is Not Complete without Shopping, published by NUS Press. He is currently on the Chairman, Board of Trustees, Temenggong Artists in Residence.  

8 September, Thursday, 7:00pm
Jason Wee is an artist and a writer. He is the author of the nonfiction book My Suit and the poetry volume The Monsters Between Us (both Math Paper Press). He is the editor of We Contain Multitudes: Twelve Years of Softblow Poetry (out November 2016). He received the Young Artist Award (2008) and the Singapore Art Museum Voters' Prize (2009). His exhibitions include Tomorrow is An Island (Betonsalon Paris 2016), Singapur Unheimlich (ifa galerie Berlin, 2015) and Requiem (The Sea Can't Reach You Now) (Galerie Michael Janssen Singapore 2014).

9 September, Friday, 7:00pm
Noorlinah Mohamed wears many hats: she is an award-winning actress, an arts educators and lecturer. She conceptualises and produces public engagement projects as well as arts research. Beyond the arts, she is a caregiver, human Mom to two adorable cats, wife and manager of home affairs. Since 2014, she has worked with Singapore International Festival of Arts as Director of The O.P.E.N.

10 September, Saturday, 7:00pm
Natalie Hennedige is the Artistic Director of Cake Theatrical Productions, a contemporary theatre company in Singapore. Natalie conceptualizes, writes and directs for the theatre. She also develops works that invite and collaborate with artists from a range of disciplines to keep discovering the possibilities of theatre and performance. Cake's works are staged in conventional theatres as well as outdoor public spaces. From intimate theatre experiments to outdoor performance experiences, Cake offers pieces that are varied and artistically adventurous.

11 September, Sunday, 7:00pm
As a filmmaker, K. Rajagopal has won the Singapore International Film Festivalʼs Special Jury Prize for 3 consecutive years. I CANʼT SLEEP TONIGHT (1995), THE GLARE (1996) and ABSENCE (1997) have been featured at international festivals around the world. Other works include BROTHER (1997), which was commissioned by the Singapore Arts Festival. He was also commissioned by the Singapore National Museum to create a short film, THE NEW WORLD, for the launch of their Digital Homeland Series; as well as TIMELESS (2010), which won Best Cinematography and Best Editing at the Singapore Short Film Awards 2011. His short film was also part of the SG50 MDA commissioned omnibus film 7 LETTERS, 2015 which had its Asian premier at the Busan Film Festival in 2015. In 2012, K. Rajagopal was a recipient of the New Feature Talent Grant from the Media Development Authority of Singapore. A YELLOW BIRD is his first feature film and it premiered at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL in 2016.

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