SIFA 2021

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The Journey

Scott Silven (UK)

Event has ended

  • Online
    18 - 30 May 2021

    18 - 23 May
    25 - 30 May
    7pm New shows added: 27 - 30 May, 5pm
  • $40

    • Real time interaction with Audience Participation

    • 50m, no intermission

    • Rating: PG 13

    • Performed in English, no subtitles

    Groups of two or more people wishing to attend the same performance should each have their own ticket, and be using their own equipment and devices.

    There is no latecomers entry.

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The Journey

Scott Silven (UK)

From the hands of extraordinary illusionist and mentalist, Scott Silven, comes this stunning, interactive performance, equal parts magical mystery and an ode to the hidden connections between us.

Silven is an illusionist and mentalist of prodigious powers, conjuring stylishly realised performances matched by astonishing feats of illusion. On the back of his sold-out world tour of At The Illusionist’s Table, The Journey invites you to join him in a one-of-a-kind, shared experience, crafted for the digital stage.

Your adventure begins in a seaside village of Glasglow, Scotland. Cast against the lush, mythical landscape of Silven's childhood home, hear a long-forgotten story, reveal the mysteries of your own mind and unlock the secrets of Silven’s glorious Scottish homeland.

Limited to only 30 participants per show, join others in this virtual event like no other. Probing space, time, memory, and also our collective minds, Silven powers are on full display, and he interweaves the group’s past, present and future into a unique narrative.

Set against the strange backdrop of a global pandemic, The Journey  is a stunningly realised performance for the age of social isolation – and a performance not to be missed. 


“The world-renowned mentalist” — Vogue

Under the guise of reading your thoughts, Silven does something more astonishing: he refreshes your outlook LA Times

Silven’s use of storytelling and setting creates something genuinely magical”  The Guardian


Scott Silven is a modern-day marvel like no other. As an acclaimed illusionist, mentalist, and performance artist, Silven pushes the boundaries of his craft by creating stylish, smart, and uniquely immersive performances, on both stage and screen, that mesmerize audiences across the globe.

Hailed by Vogue as a ‘world-renowned mentalist’, his work has been described as ‘a marvel’ (The New York Times), ‘mesmerizing’ (Town and Country) ‘truly astonishing’ (The Daily Beast) ’unforgettable’ (Entertainment Weekly) and theatre that ‘wows everyone’ (The New Yorker) through a combination of ’elegance, sheer mind power, and profound philosophical insight’ (Manhattan Digest). Following 2 major sell-out runs in New York and an extensive tour on the international stage, including headline engagements with leading arts organizations such as Melbourne International Arts Festival, Sydney Festival, Stanford Live, Luminato Festival, Seattle Theater Group, and Krannert Center For The Performing Arts, Silven now introduces his latest experience - The Journey.

The Journey continues Silven’s theatrical objectives - not only in orchestrating an awe-inspiring experience, but a production that leads his audiences to a place that suggests untold possibilities, a place that challenges perceptions: a place that allows them to look at the world, and themselves, in an extraordinary way.

 Find out more about his works here

SAtheCollective & Pōtocol (Singapore)

Tania El Khoury (Lebanon) and Basel Zaraa (Palestine)

Tania El Khoury (Lebanon)
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