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Paradise Interrupted (General)

Huang Ruo, Jennifer Wen Ma

  • 31 August, 2 & 3 September
  • Drama Centre Theatre
  • $25 OPERA RUSH!

     (no further discount);

    $40, $60, $8020% discount for students, NSFs and seniors.

  • 1h 20m, no intermission

  • Performed in Mandarin with English and Chinese surtitles
  • Rating: General

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Paradise Interrupted (General)

Huang Ruo, Jennifer Wen Ma

Huang Ruo and Jennifer Wen Ma’s Paradise Interrupted, an arresting new music theatre blending traditional classical Chinese idioms from the Ming Dynasty and contemporary music, is sensually set against a beautiful garden inspired by origami and calligraphy. 

Based on a scene from the 1598 Kunqu or Kun opera “The Peony Pavilion”, Paradise Interrupted opens with a woman alone on stage. She meets her lover in an erotic dream, which triggers a passionate search for an unattainable ideal through a lush, interactive garden grown from dynamic paper sculptures. The romance soon becomes an empowering tale of self-actualisation. 

Composed by Huang, “one of the world’s leading composers”, this music theatre experience is not to be missed. Revered visual artist Ma, known for her work on the opening and closing ceremonies at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, directs and designs this exquisite opera. The dreamer is acclaimed Qian Yi, who performed in Lincoln Center Festival’s renowned 20-hour production of “The Peony Pavilion” in 1999, which has since travelled the world as a seminal production. Huang himself conducts a chamber orchestra of classical music and traditional Chinese instruments in his inspired score weaving the melismatic vocal style of Kun opera with contemporary tonality. Performing Huang's magical score is internationally renowned Singapore’s premier classical string quartet, T'ang Quartet.

Paradise Interrupted is a novel hybrid, at once a continuation of tradition yet entirely new, which emphasises the potential of the very old and the power of its young creators.

Sung in Mandarin with English and Chinese surtitles.

Conducted and composed Huang Ruo
Directed and designed Jennifer Wen Ma
Featuring Qian Yi and T'ang Quartet, Tenor Yi Li, Countertenor John Holiday, Baritone Joo Won Kang and Bass-baritone Ao Li

Paradise Interrupted is co-commissioned by Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA), Spoleto Festival USA, Lincoln Center Festival and National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts.

Rating: General

在传统昆曲和西方歌剧的音乐基础上,通过革新融合中西的艺术手法, 这部装置歌剧诗意般地引用伊甸园浴牡丹亭的故事梦幻般地编织一个现代神话,叙述一名女子的悠然心境,求之而不可得之梦的旅程。

黄若和马文携手合作的Paradise Interrupted《惊园》是一部东西方艺术精华相辅相成的新世纪歌剧,结合了投影、折纸装置和中国水墨搭建出的奇特舞台效果,结合了现代音乐,将明朝传统昆曲经典的儒雅念白表现得淋漓精致,带给观众视觉和听觉的惊艳冲击 。


Paradise Interrupted《惊园》巧妙融合了中国传统昆曲与西方歌剧的元素,由The New Yorker《紐約客》极力推崇为「世界最杰出的作曲家之一」的黄若所作曲;由新加坡国际知名的弦乐四重奏乐团唐四重奏神来之笔诠释黄若革新引人入胜的曲目。这部精致歌剧是由享誉国际的马文导演,以担任2008年北京奥运会开闭幕式核心创意小组成员及视觉特效设计主任而闻名的她也是此剧的视觉设计师。追寻理想的角色是由艺惊四座的昆曲名伶钱熠演绎,她在林肯艺术中心艺术节长达20小时《牡丹亭》的演出后被纽约时报盛赞为「中国戏曲卫冕公主」 。天衣无缝的中西音乐结合配上钱熠取昆曲精华又不拘一格进行发挥的艺术追求,这绝对是一场不容错过的新世纪歌剧。

新颖引人入胜并具突破性的Paradise Interrupted《惊园》,细致入微地体现了传统艺术的延续性,精湛揭示了其韵外之致的醇美内涵的同时,也阐释出年轻艺术创作者天马行空的无穷潜力。

男超高音John Holiday 
男中音Joo Won Kang 




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