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Everything By My Side (General)

Fernando Rubio

  • 12, 13, 14 August
  • Various Location
  • $10 (no further discount)

  • National Gallery Singapore, Supreme Court Terrace, Lvl 4M

    10m (Individual performances every 15 minutes)

  • Performed in English
  • Rating: General

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Everything By My Side (General)

Fernando Rubio

Celebrated Argentine artist Fernando Rubio is a dramatist and a visual artist whose works have been staged across Europe, South America and the United States. For Singapore International Festival of Arts 2016, Rubio creates uniquely Singapore versions of Everything By My Side and Time Between Us, two gripping performance pieces that will have you enjoying new space and time perspectives.​

A brief encounter with someone unknown. A potential moment. A bed. An actress. A spectator. A performance in extreme intimacy. 


Everything by my side.

Everything By My Side was born after a dream, as acclaimed Argentine artist Rubio remembers a long-lost childhood story that has been forgotten for 25 years. 

Co-starring Singaporean veteran actress Margaret Chan, Everything By My Side is a miniature play in bed. In 10 white beds, 10 actresses lie side by side with individual audience members, whispering childhood memories to these silent observers. 

These actresses represent the 10 different countries that Everything By My Sidehas toured to: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Croatia, Uruguay, Holland, Spain, Greece, the United States, and now, Singapore.

Performed in different types of public spaces all over the world, each fleeting encounter of Everything By My Side evokes a deeply intimate moment in the middle of a bustling city, whether on a sunny pier, nestled amidst a shady park, floating on a pond or in an air-conditioned art gallery. 

Performed in English.

Rating: General

Information to Participants: 

Please arrive 30 minutes before the slot that you have registered for. Do bring along something to read or keep yourself occupied while waiting. If you are not present, the slot will be given to someone else.

Should there be any change of plans and you are unable to attend the programme on the date registered, do email our staff, Eya, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call her at 9456 0611.

In the event that you miss your slot, please note that SIFA will as much as possible, try to allocate a bed for you within the same day, if any. 


Directions to Performance Site: National Gallery, Supreme Court Wing, Terrace, Level 4M

1) Upon entering the National Gallery (Supreme Court Wing), please proceed to Lift Lobby B located next to the Keppel Centre for Art Education. The centre is near the Padang Atrium. (Refer to diagram below)

2) Take the lift up to Level 4 and cross the Upper Link Bridge to the Supreme Court Terrace. (Refer to the diagram below)

Upon arrival:

Proceed to reception table for check-in. When checking in, please offer us the name you registered with as well as show us your purchased ticket. Please check-in all your belongings at the reception so that you will be comfortable in bed with the actress.

You will be briefed on some simple instructions relating the do’s and don’ts when in bed. 

Please wear something comfortable, with easy slip-on shoes so that you can easily remove your footwear before getting into bed. 

When you are done, feel free to watch the performance from the viewing gallery. A gentle reminder to be silent while viewing the performance for the full intimate potential of the piece to be realised.

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