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Delicate Spells of Mind

Lucy McRae (Australia)

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  • 20 May – 10 Jul, Daily
  • Online
  • $15

  • 10m

  • General

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Delicate Spells of Mind

Lucy McRae (Australia)

Raw and ambitious, Delicate Spells of Mind is an intriguing performance film by Lucy McRae that dissects the operating system of the mind – where a Seeker contends with ego, the inherited artificial intelligence.

SIFA commissions renowned British-born, Australian science fiction artist, body architect, film maker and TED fellow Lucy McRae to create a world premiering performance film for Life Profusion.  

Delicate Spells of Mind is a performance film that occupies two worlds: ‘Self’ and ‘Other’. One organism tussling and contending with Ego –– our so-called inherited AI.

The Self/ Seeker [played by Lucy] invents methods to minimise emotional damage –– an impossible pursuit to shapeshift life, fleeing pain and error. A cumbersome recording device and a dashboard of controllers, calculate, future-think and pre-meditate best outcomes –– anything to navigate mind riddling thought.

Simultaneously, the ‘Other’ world, populated with dancers in inoperable mocap suits; move as a committee, an organism, travelling and prostrating in search. Switching between worlds, Self and Other push and pull in a game tug of war, eventually coming to share the same plain of existence. Emptying through movement, shape and ritual, to heal –– here, both Self, and Other co-exist.  

Designed to invite multiple interpretations, the film approaches the viewer as a malleable subject –– a putty state for introspection. A voyage into psyche, Delicate Spells of Mind sets out to invite acceptance, belonging and learning to fit in as we are, rather than rooting out ego once and for all. 



Life Profusion: +Read: Imagining the future. 

Writer, editor and producer Hong Xinyi explores works in the festival that imagines a future entwined with a fascination of the fate of human corporealities within ailing landscapes. As virtual realities and faraway places take centrestage in the human story, what do we do with the vivid vulnerabilities of flesh and home?

Watch Lucy McRae's TED talk:

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