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Ceremonial Enactments

MAX.TAN (Singapore), Nadi Singapura (Singapore) and Bhaskar's Arts Academy (Singapore)

Event has ended

  • 21 – 22 May, Sat – Sun, 7.30pm
  • Esplanade Theatre
  • $38*, $48*, $58

     * Limited concessions available for students, NSFs and seniors
    No admission for infants-in-arms.

  • 2h, no intermission

  • General

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Ceremonial Enactments

MAX.TAN (Singapore), Nadi Singapura (Singapore) and Bhaskar's Arts Academy (Singapore)

In Ceremonial Enactments, three Singaporean companies imagine a resplendent tapestry of local customary rituals, told with a contemporary twist. 

Drawing from customs and rites within Singapore's diverse cultures, Ceremonial Enactments features three festival commissions, woven into one seamless performance experience.

Held at the Esplanade Theatre, Ceremonial Enactments flips conventional notions of staging and the audience-to-performance relationship within a traditional proscenium theatre.

In Act I, designer powerhouse and label MAX.TAN opens the evening with ANG, a fashion performance inspired by Chinese and Southeast Asian birth rituals. Conceived as a sartorial love letter to designer Max Tan's mother, Tan constructs and weaves garments of ethereal beauty, layered with ideas of birth, re-birth and Samsara.

In Act II, percussion ensemble Nadi Singapura, led by Artistic Director Riduan Zalani, presents one of the grandest ceremonies within the Malay community – the wedding or the majlis persandingan. 293NW elegantly weaves dance and narrative, along with Nadi Singapura's signature style of traditional Malay percussion rhythms.

In Act III, Bhaskar’s Arts Academy presents Yantra Mantra, an enactment of an ancient dance ritual performed in Hindu temples. Choreographed by Cultural Medallion recipient the late Mrs Santha Bhaskar and Meenakshy Bhaskar, the creation draws from compositions by the Indian classical composer Sri Muthuswamy Dhikshitar and poetry by the 18th century Tanjore Quartet, where dancers pay obeisance to the nine celestial custodians that guard the eight directions and the centre of the earth.

Ceremonial Enactments features a stellar team of creatives, including Randy Chan of Zarch Collaboratives Architectural Studios conceiving the startling set design, Brian Gothong Tan, Andy Lim and Philip Tan designing multimedia, light and music respectively, Gino Babagay lending choreographic unity along with fashion designer Max Tan conceiving costumes for the entire work.

Grand and gorgeously realised, Ceremonial Enactments is a sensorial awakening celebrating customary rituals in a highly contemporary performance.



Life Profusion: +Read: The Meanings of Rituals. 

Writer, editor and producer Hong Xinyi comments on re-imagined customs and questions the observances and pieties of art in a changed world where we have all adopted new rituals.


Life Profusion: +Read: Crossing Over.

Writer Hong Xinyi offers a candid personal reflection on Ceremonial Enactments and the show’s exploration of devotion.


Education Kit Available for CEREMONIAL ENACTMENTS

Click here to view and download resource

This education kit will help to facilitate students' understanding of the performance, the artists and the unique elements that make up this performance. It is designed for deeper engagement and discussion with the SIFA programme. Divided into four sections, it comes with guiding questions, suggested activities and links for further exploration on the subject and themes presented in the show. 

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