SIFA 2023







by 99 Art Company (KR)

19 May, Fri, 8pm
20 May, Sat, 3pm & 8pm
SOTA Drama Theatre

Abyss is about a deep resentment. It looks quiet but waving, void but solid.

In Korean, the term 'han' is a feeling of multiple layers of sorrow and sadness that represents the suffering of Korean lives from wars and colonialism. In order to relieve and resolve ‘han’, we try to talk, laugh and cry together, to confront the sadness and let it go, which is the deep purpose of this performance.

99 Art company believes that Korean traditional dance is not solid but more open to the present that adapts to changes in culture, history, and society. Abyss hopes to be an artistic medium that connects you, the audience, to Korean culture, music, dance, and society.

SIFA presents Abyss as part of its efforts to spotlight up-and-coming young international choreographers who are making waves in their home countries and building a modern dance vocabulary rooted in tradition, to excite the Singapore dance scene.

There will be a post-show talk with Hyerim Jang after each performance.

There will also be a dance workshop by Hyerim Jang on 21 May, click here to sign up.

This performance is supported by the “Travelling Korean Arts” project of Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (KOFICE).

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Hyerim Jang | Artistic Director & Choreographer
Gowoon Lee | Dancer and Singer
Hyoyoung Song | Dancer and Singer
Hyerim Jang | Dancer and Singer
Seoyi Jang | Dancer and Singer
Seryoung Choo | Dancer and Singer
Seung-A Lee | Dancer and Singer
Sookyung Lee | Dancer and Singer
Joohee Lee | Writer
Jinsirl Suh | Vocalist
Youngjo Leem | Keyboard
Hangeul Kim | Violin
Shinkwon Choi | Drums
Jean Uh | Project Producer
Seoyi Jang | Rehearsal Director
Jinsirl Suh | Vocal Trainer & Chorus Composer
Keonyoung Kim | Light Designer
Youngjo Leem | Music Director & Arranger
Kyoungsul Bae | Costume Designer
Jongsuk Kim | Scenography
Yujin Kim | Prop Design
Music copyright Jonsi & Alex ‘Howl’


35m performance + 30m post-show talk

Minimum age 6
Recommended for audiences age 13 and above
Performance: Non-verbal
Talk: In Korean with English interpretation
Wheelchair accessible
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