What is the existing number of audiences for each show? Will there be a change to the number of audiences for each show?
For The Rhythm of Us, audience capacity will be capped at 250 (with pre-event testing). All other programs taking place in August will be capped at 50 (without pre-event testing).

As the COVID-19 situation in Singapore evolves, measures will be updated in accordance to the latest advisories issued by the Singapore Government. For the latest advisories, please refer here.
If proceeding, will additional measures be taken to ensure the safety of both attendees and performing crew?
Due to the increase of cases in neighbouring countries, will there be changes to the artists flying in?
Will there be staggered timings/allocated timings for arrival to the shows?
For shows that are situated within retail malls, will there be a designated capacity allowance for audience members?
If I previously purchased tickets for a group larger than 2, will seating / tickets be reallocated?
Under what circumstances will SIFA 2021 be completely cancelled?

Pre Event Testing at selected shows

When do I need Antigen Rapid Test (ART)?
As part of the resumption of activities in our economy, ART is useful for pre-event testing for events such as business-to-business events, wedding receptions, live performances, and sports events. The turnaround time for ART results is typically within half an hour.

The results will be valid for 24 hours. Do ensure that the time you arrive at the event for the test is no more than 24 hours to the end of your event, e.g. if your event is from 9am-5pm, you should only do the test after 5pm the previous day.
How is Antigen Rapid Test (ART) different from PCR?
What age must I be for Antigen Rapid Test (ART)?
What documents do I need for Antigen Rapid Test (ART)?
What is the process for the Antigen Rapid Test at the event that I can expect?
When and How do I get the Antigen Rapid Test (ART)? Results?
What happens if the Antigen Rapid Test (ART) is positive?
What if the Antigen Rapid Test (ART) is inconclusive?
Is Antigen Rapid Test (ART) accurate?
Exemptions to PET


Will SIFA 2022 see more digital programmes?
Please stay tuned for more updates on SIFA 2022 programmes.
Will there be runs of the show after the festival period?
What about shows after 30 May, will those be affected as well?
Will local commissions be affected?
Will all festival house programmes proceed as planned (ie. ticketed)? Is SIFA still encouraging community gatherings at Festival House? If so, how will the chances of transmission be reduced?
How will this affect the online programming? Will more VODs be available?
What if I purchased the three-show package for ATW? How will I be refunded?
Will outdoor shows such as Cosmogony, Invisible Opera, enroute and Musical Swings be affected by this latest advisory?
Can I get access to VOD if any of my shows are being affected by the latest SMMs?
Can I share my VOD access?

SIFA on Demand

For a limited time only after SIFA 2021, catch your favourite festival programmes in the comfort of your home.
What are the titles available for Video-on-demand?

Festival Commissions: 5-20 June
1. The Commission
2. A Song for Louis
3. The Year of No Return
4. Three Sisters
5. A Dream Under The Southern Bough: Existence
6. Oiwa - The Ghost of Yotsuya
7. The Rhythm of Us
8. T0701
9. Be Comforted Now: Bach Cantatas
10. Before Life and After
11. Echoes of Fire and Water
12. Healing Rhapsody
13. Ghosts of Yesteryear
14. SIFA v2.020: The Wandering
15. SIFA v2.020: Entity
16. SIFA v2.020: Of Nature and Technology
17. SIFA v2.020: Did you want more sleep?

Singular Screens: 31 May - 12 June
1. The Mole Agent
2. N.P
3. There are no False Undertakings
4. Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets
5. If it were love
6. The year of the Disvoery
7. Ouvertures

What are the prices for these video-on-demand shows?
Additional terms & conditions
More Streaming FAQs

Ticketing & Refunds

Will full refunds be provided if the show is cancelled/ capacity is reduced? How long do I need to wait to get my full refund?
Yes, you will receive a full refund of the ticket price paid and the SISTIC booking fees. Handling fees will not be refunded if the service has been rendered. SISTIC will get in touch with affected patrons on the refunds.
How will the refunds be done?
How will I know if I am affected by this announcement?
What if I did not receive the email?


If SIFA is cancelled, will all audiences get full refunds?
Yes, audiences will receive full refunds in the event of cancellation.


What are the shows that will be affected by the new advisories?
The capacity for each show of the following programmes will be capped at 100 audience members:
  • The Commission
  • A Song for Louis
  • Be Comforted Now
  • Healing Rhapsody
  • Ghost of Yesteryear
If there is a decrease in capacity, how will SIFA decide who will be able to go for the shows?
If I really want to catch a show, can I appeal for seats?

Get Involved

How can I volunteer for SIFA?

SIFA is made possible because of passionate individuals like yourself who love and wish to contribute to the arts. 

SIFA 2019 is currently recruiting Festival Ambassadors who will be instrumental in making the festival a success.

To be a Festival Ambassador, do register your interest or share your questions about the programme at sifavolunteer@artshouse.sg.

Closing date for SIFA Festival Ambassador registration will be on Friday, 27 March 2020.

For individuals or corporate entities who would like to contribute to SIFA, are there any partnership and sponsorship opportunities available?