What precautionary measures has AHL put in place for SIFA to lower the risk of visitors contracting COVID-19?
  • The safety and well-being of the visitors, artists and staff remain our utmost priority, and we have in place the necessary and appropriate safe management measures in accordance with the prevailing Safe Management Measures required. AHL is working closely with each venue partner and artist to ensure the right advisories are adhered to depending on each programme’s content, context and venue.
  • Our events management colleagues have also exercised great precaution in the maintenance of the programme venues, ensuring that all surfaces and equipment are thoroughly cleaned and/or disinfected between and after performances.

Ticketing & Refunds

When will the early bird sales period end?
The early bird sales period takes place from 22 February – 31 March 2023.

Get Involved

How can I volunteer for SIFA?
SIFA is made possible because of passionate individuals like yourself who love and wish to contribute to the arts.

SIFA 2023 is currently recruiting Festival Ambassadors who will be instrumental in making the festival a success.

To be a Festival Ambassador, do register your interest at https://sifa.sg/support/volunteer

Closing date for SIFA Festival Ambassador registration will be on 17 March 2023.
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